In Spring 2015 we started a fundraiser to raise money for athletic shoes for kids in our community who needed them. Our fundraiser took off and the support we received really brought it to our attention how important this cause is. So, we spent the summer creating a non-profit organization called Shoes 4 Kidz.

Our mission is to provide one good pair of athletic shoes for EVERY child who needs them. This is about much more than shoes, as we see it.  We are living in a time when childhood obesity rates are high and MOVEMENT is at an all time low. A proper pair of athletic shoes is not only important for the growing body, but for the mind as well. When exchanging a pair of holey, worn down shoes for a nice, new pair we are also exchanging shame and embarrassment for confidence and pride. So every kid can get in the game!

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Learn about Hometown Hero Myriah Volk and Shoes 4 Kidz!

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